Enabling the Digital Laundry

7 Reasons why Business Owners are introducing Pay by Mobile

More time doing the things you want to do!

With simple remote operation of wash and dryer cycles, you can enjoy the freedom to support customers from anywhere - even from the golf course!

Future Proof.

Cashless payments are rapidly exceeding cash. More & more customers expect cashless payment options.

Better Cash Flow.

Eziwash automatically settles to your bank account. This increases your cash flow, means less coins to count, and less trips to the bank.

Reduce your business risk.

Less cash at your location can mean lower insurance premiums. Reduce your chance of being targeted by criminals.

Increase your revenue.

Drive sales up through convenience & reputation. Create new revenue streams with Gift Certificates. Analyse customer trends and tailor campaigns maximising revenue.

Stand out from your competitors.

Accept electronic payments and standout from your competitors!

Build strong customer loyalty.

Stay in touch with your customers. Offer excellent customer service with remote activation by owners.

Features that offer a Better Customer Experience.

Eziwash is uniquely designed for Laundromats, fully featured to provide your customers with an intuitive & improved experience at your location.

  • Accept customer payments with secure PCI compliant software
  • Allow your customers to intuitively choose & activate their machines
  • Provide customer assurance with service & transaction histories
  • Automatically email Tax Invoices
  • Offer Gift Certificates and promotions
  • Allow regular customers to use digital wallet technology

Be in Control. Manage your Business Better.

As an Owner, you can activate any machine from anywhere, so that you can provide improved on-site support.

Eziwash is feature-rich, offering owners better ways to control & manage their business.

  • Remotely activate machines, when required, for improved customer service
  • Analysis of customer interactions with full service & transaction histories
  • Flexible control of machine pricing that allows for specials
  • Interface with accounting systems
  • Offer NFC tags for easy swipe top ups
  • Perform adjustments for a refunds or credits, when required
  • Regular settlements, offering improved cash-flow
  • 24/7 support provided in Australia. Eziwash is 100% Australian owned

The Future Is Here. Take Advantage of New Opportunities.

Looking for ways to increase revenue? Eziwash supports a variety of options.

  • Authorise post payment customers, such as serviced laundry contractors or businesses
  • Accommodate fully managed locations for student or mining accommodation
  • Sell or sponsor Gift Certificates to use at your location
  • Allow for 24/7 access for registered users by integrating your security door entry
  • Integrate your Change Machine to allow remote reset & management
  • Internet-enable other equipment, such as TVs, ceiling fans, air-conditioning

Why Choose Eziwash?

Eziwash is the only cashless solution that is designed to minimise transaction fees and maximise revenue for your business. Guaranteed to make you more money than it costs.

  • Our application developers have over 30 years software engineering experience, ensuring that Eziwash is a robust, trustworthy & comprehensive laundry payment and owner portal like no other on the market
  • Trust your business transactions to certified PCI compliant software, not cheap offshore imitations
  • Designed for Laundromat Owners by Laundromat Owners
  • 24/7 support provided in Australia. Eziwash is 100% Australian owned

"Eziwash is a customer friendly cashless payment system specially designed for Laundromats. Dell Laundrette is now set for the future, thanks Eziwash!"

Derek & Debbie, Dell Laundrette Southport

Introduce Eziwash at your laundromat now Installation is LOW IMPACT and HASSLE FREE

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