Cashless Solutions for Laundries

Our Cashless Suite

  • Eziwash Product Overview
  • Discover more about Eziwash and our revolutionary products in this short video Eziwash video(1min:17sec)

  • Eziwash Mobile
  • Our flagship product that offers a future proof, vandal proof, and the most cost effective management solution for payment and management of laundry equipment. Eziwash video(1min)

  • Eziwash Touch
  • Our stylish point-of-sale tap, swipe or insert intelligent card reader device. Combining high visibility, accessibility, durability and the highest level of security. Built to withstand harsh laundry environments. Ezi Touch video(1min)

  • Ezi Vend
  • Contactless tap or smartphone solution for snack and drink vending machines. Ezivend video(1min:7sec)

  • Eziwash Full Cloud
  • Uniquely combines all of the above features to offer Card (Tap/Swipe), Mobile App and coin! Unlike any other cashless laundry solution on the market. Eziwash Cloud video(2mins:17sec)

Take a comprehensive tour of Eziwash Technologies - The Company, The Products, The Team. Eziwash Grand Tour video(7mins:04sec)

Our Product Features

PCI compliant software

Notify when the wash is complete!

Activate from anywhere

Discounts, Gift Certificates and Specials

Lowest fees and charges

Easy scan and activate

Real-time tracking and analytics

Sent automatically

7 Reasons why Business Owners are introducing Cashless

Grow your business from anywhere!

Be connected to your laundry from anywhere. Enjoy the freedom to support customers and view live sales reports remotely. Remote start any machine from anywhere. Focus on other aspects of your business.

Future Proof.

Cashless payments have exceeded cash!

Most people have stopped carrying cash while Generation Z is mostly using cashless.

Why are you then, only accepting coin?

Better Cash Flow.

Eziwash automatically settles to your bank account. This increases your cash flow, means less coins to count, and fewer trips to the bank.

Reduce your business risk.

Less cash at your location can mean lower insurance premiums. Reduce your chance of being targeted by criminals.

Increase your revenue.

Don’t miss out on any sale! Offer cashless payments, and drive sales up with promotions and specials. Generate new revenue with Coupons and Gift Certificates. You can even offer discounts to attract new customers, such as First Wash Free! Analyse live data, sales reports and customer behaviours to tailor marketing campaigns for maximum effect.

Stand out from your competitors.

Eziwash's Business Intelligence gives you the competitive advantage you are looking for! Analyse live data, sales reports and customer behaviours to tailor marketing campaigns for maxiumum effect.

Build strong customer loyalty.

Stay in touch with your customers and share your latest news. Promote coupons, specials & discounts.

Notify customers when wash cycles are complete.

Not like any other cashless laundry solution on the market!

  • Uniquely combines Card (Tap/Swipe/Insert), Pay by Mobile and coin
  • Owners can remotely start machines for improved customer service
  • Perform adjustments for refunds or credits, when required
  • Provides live reporting and tracking
  • Flexible control of machine pricing and specials
  • Supports account based customers, such as serviced laundry contractors or businesses
  • Interfaces with accounting, campaign management or security systems
  • Allow for 24/7 access for registered users by integrating your security door entry
  • Integrate your Change Machine to allow remote reset & management
  • Internet-enable other equipment, such as snack machines, TVs, ceiling fans, air-conditioning
  • Compatible with Near Field technology (NFC)

Why Choose Eziwash?

Eziwash is an Australian innovation, designed by our qualified and highly experienced IT professionals.

24/7 monitoring fully managed in Australia. Eziwash is Australian owned and operated

Our engineers have over 30 years industry experience, ensuring that Eziwash offers secure, sustainable & comprehensive solutions

Trust your business transactions to certified and secure PCI compliant software, not insecure offshore imitations

Fully supported by our extensive national and international partner network


Eziwash will transform your business.

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